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Jack Dietrich
Business | Founding Partner
Logan Edwards
Development | Founding Partner
Ryan VanMiddlesworth
Development | Founding Partner
Jordan Cardwell
Development | Partner
Nick Fogle
Development | Partner
Jay McAliley
Development | Partner
Carter Wooten
Development | Partner
Baird Hall
Growth, Strategy
Matt Brooks
Elizabeth Johnson
Design, Strategy
Paul Cowgill
Hundley Crews

Our Story

Fount was created as an experiment to reinvent how digital experiences were created, built and launched. We believe that the future of how creatives and makers will operate in our space will be vastly different than its current state. Traditional organizational structures have been stifling the innovators within them and, in turn, underwhelming their client-partners. So, how could we best organize the independently- minded designers, developers, and strategists with whom we wanted to work?

We distilled lessons from our own experiences in startups, as freelancers, as employees at traditional agencies, and even as clients, ourselves. And, we even borrowed some concepts from a modern analysis of 18th-century pirate-ship economics. Amazingly, they had similar organizational challenges. Together, these principles now govern how our Fount crew guides our partners.


We vote, a lot. On which projects to take on, as well as on whom should lead and contribute to them. Once the project kicks off, all voting is limited to the teammates within that project—they’re the only ones in the know.


We only welcome new teammates to Fount after successfully working with them in previous roles and on our side projects. Simply put, Fount seeks challenging projects which demand proven technologists and versatile creatives.


No one is assigned a project at Fount. If there’s no interest from our team, we’ll quickly pass. Further, everyone above is on an ownership path. We’ve aligned the incentives so that our clients can trust our commitment.


Our client-partners communicate directly with the specific individuals from our team on the first day. They talk with the individuals who actually write the code, conceive the experiences, and craft their strategies. It just makes sense.

The Quarterdeck

Borrowing from maritime tradition, the Quarterdeck defines Fount’s official ownership structure. Every teammate becomes a member of the Quarterdeck after an initial on-boarding period. All active members accrue shares at an equal rate, regardless of tenure. Quarterly profits are distributed to the members of the Quarterdeck who have actively participated in that term. This fluid and equitable approach values a member’s cumulative contributions to Fount while requiring current involvement.
The graph below is an authentic visual exhibit of ownership implementation over time.


We serve clients all over this little blue marble with teams operating from these wonderful locales.


Charlotte, NC



Charleston, SC



Chicago, IL


Ready, Set, Let's Go

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